Sunday, January 27, 2013


It's seriously the end of January?
And, I've blogged how many times?
Taken how many pictures?
I don't know what happened to this month.
Oh wait, yes I do.
First, it went to being sick.
Then to getting mastitis for the seventh time.
I mean, seriously, how many people do you know have gotten it that many times?
Well, now you know one.
Third, it went to tending to the babe who seriously takes up almost every second of my time.
Porter wasn't nearly as high maintenance.
I honestly feel sorry for Porter because of how much time I need to spend with Lilia.
He gets a bit attention deprived sometimes.
I guess it's good for him?
Because of getting mastitis over and over, I am required to pump after every feeding as a prevention.
This means my freezer is filled with breast milk.
Totally serious about that even if it is kinda gross.
Even though I have a high maintenance child, I love every minute.
Even when we start going stir crazy to the point of insanity.
An earlier and better schedule will be made as of next month since, according to the sleep bible I'm reading, that is the golden month to start letting the baby cry herself to sleep.
Hopefully we can be better at time management after that.
Or, it may have to wait until she's weaned.
Add a possible milk allergy, a visit from the parents, from a sister, and going to two families homes (sometimes more than once), and that's been my month.
Getting out the door has been a miracle.
Now, to the pix and vids...
(That's the part y'all like anyway)
Lilia's first laugh was for her Daddy!
She laughs easier and harder now, but I haven't recorded it.
Porter is still really cute with Lilia.
He keeps trying to help out in any way he can.
One day, he kept putting her sock back on.

And, she'd just kick it right off again.
So he would keep trying...
We've had some pretty impressive snowfall...
love that my Christmas stuff was still out halfway through the month.
Seth even got to go ski.
In fact, it's snowing about like that right now!
As long as I'm not driving in it.
 Lilia has given us a taste of her spitfire personality...
...and her angelic side...

...which only shows up when you're doing egg.zach.tly what she wants.
(And, yes, everything was taken with my iPad because it was on hand and I was too busy having a date with my machine at the time of adorableness)
We sure have had an interesting, yet awesome January!
Love all the moments with the little ones.

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