Sunday, October 7, 2012

Since We've Been Home

Every moment with Lilia has been surreal.
It's hard to believe she is actually here!
She is such a sweetheart.
She is even quite mellow...
She isn't a fan of binkies (which is fine because she's so mellow), she loves breastfeeding so much that she does it for hours (because she can't seem to stay awake then thinks she's off when I wake her up), and she doesn't slowly build up her cries--she explodes with her great set of lungs.
If she's upset with you, even if it's only slight frustration, she will definitely let you know!
She loves her brother...

We love her toes...

...well, we love all of her.
Porter has been adjusting to Lilia being around pretty well!
He loves to help mommy...

(we supplement when Mommy isn't enough to "top her off")
Porter has had a bit of jealousy toward her because of the attention she needs, but he certainly adores having her around and has even referred to her as his sweetheart, buddy, and angel.
When he's holding her you constantly hear "hi sweetie".
Lilia doesn't mind just chillin' when she is alert and satisfied.

 I think Seth may be trying to influence her to game.
We are still unsure what her hair color really is.
It looks different in different lights.
It definitely has red in it, but we'll just have to see as it grows!
As of right now, we are soaking in every moment with this sweet little girl.


Dez and Mike said...

So cute. Love the pic of porter kissing her. So glad she is doing well.

Casey Wootton said...

Oh Congratulations!!!! She is so sweet! And Porter is such a sweet big brother!