Sunday, September 16, 2012

Family, Gratitude, Water, & Lots of Walking

We met up downtown with the Howes this weekend to tour and just be together!
Our first stop was the Church History Museum on West Temple.
We got to meet the last official Son of the Mormon Pioneers...
...he gladly played music while the kids (not Porter, though) danced.
It was so cute to watch.
We also got to look at and read about how things were back then.
I was impressed at how much we take for granted in life today.
It made me feel more grateful for what we have.
A gorgeous hand-made blessing dress
Porter and the kids...including some of the "big" ones...enjoyed the kid area.
I made sure to look at the artwork on display.
Our second stop was the Conference Center.
I've been before, many times, but I've never gotten to go up to the roof.
So, that's where we went!

Our sweet guide kept worrying about the kids around the water...
...she would keep ushering them away as she was afraid they would fall in.
 But, that didn't stop them from going toward it.
In fact, once we were done there, we just took them to more water!

Water at the reflecting pool by the temple and water at the fountains at City Creek Mall.
Porter's shirt was wet on the way home, much to his dismay, and I was quite ready to put my feet up after all that walking around.
Signs of a good time!

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