Sunday, December 18, 2011

Then Let Us All With One Accord Sing Praises To Our Heavenly Lord

I flew back!

To Portland, that is.

Isn't that view gorgeous!?

It's right outside the back window of my host, Carrie's home!

Anyway, I came back for a very special reason.

To sing as a member of the Portland Ensign Choir and Orchestra one last time.


Not only to see and sing with these lovely talented ladies again...

Emily, Carrie, Betsy, me

...but to be able to sing again, period.

I lost my twin girls right before the final June performance earlier this year.

During the concert they were dancing to the music inside me.

It was very hard to even think about singing without them being with me.

I needed to sing in the same setting one more time, this time without them, so I could have an assurance that I would be able to sing ever again.

With a goal in sight, I overcame my vocal trial.

I'm happy to say.

I felt my girls cheering me on during all three performances.

I can even say I'm positive they joined in with the audience on our encore.

Thank you so much Dave, Emily, Patrice and especially Carrie!

Love you all.