Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Story & 12 Week Ultrasound

In case you were curious, I thought I'd explain how the last 13 weeks have been...
Seth and I found out we were pregnant before Christmas break.
I was only 3 weeks along, and was a little surprised at how quickly we had a positive pregnancy test.
It all worked out, though, because I was able to get on DHS (medicaid) and get my Lovenox shots before leaving town for almost 4 weeks.
The reasoning behind having to take the Lovenox can be found on >this post<
I was a little curious as to why I would have had a positive pregnancy test so soon...
...then at about 6 weeks I started getting nightmares (yes, nightmares) that I was having twins.
I assumed it was the hormones taking over my brain.
At my 8 weeks doctor appointment, I was a little concerned because I was spotting, so they sent me in to an ultrasound to "check the viability of the baby".
Same thing happened with Porter at 8 weeks.
Anyway, when the ulrtrasound technician got to the area where the baby should be, I thought it looked a little strange.
Like there was too much going on.
It's gotta be just the angle of the ulrasound device, I thought.
Then the technician turned to me and asked a question I thought I'd never have to worry about answering.
"Do twins run in your family?"
Slowly, I said "Yeeeeeeeessss" as I all-of-a-sudden felt flush and was very glad that I was lying down.
Because this changed everything...the technician left the room to give me a moment to deal with the news and prepare for a longer ultrasound.
Seth had a very big grin on his surprised face.
I felt like I was going insane.
I was in shock for 2 weeks.
Seth was so excited that he started telling everyone he saw.
I started feeling ill about that same time.
I blame the news.
I started feeling excited and a little bit more ready last week.
Took a while...
I think it came with starting to feel better.
We went to our 12 week appointment, where we learned that we would now have two doctors.
One close and the other in Portland.
There's no NICU nearby, and if these two come early, I would need to be in Portland anyway.
Last week I had my first appointment in Portland.
 It started with an ultrasound...which always makes me happy.
There, I learned that these little ones are IDENTICAL!!
I'm excited.
Afterwards, I met up with the doc who basically gave me a "gameplan" to go by.
In other words, he explained to me that because my babies share a placenta, there's a possiblity of  this or this or that or this.
I'd rather not go into all the details.
It's...overwhelming...and has been all I can think about all week.
And then he explained that there's also a possibility none of it would happen.
I'm hoping it's the latter.
I didn't much like the things he told me.
Starting at 18 weeks, I'll be going in for an ultrasound to check on them every other week in Portland to see if any of the "maybe this is going to happen" things are happening.
I'm not too fond of driving in Portland traffic, but I like the idea of seeing my babies every two weeks.

So, now you're all caught up!

I figured I'd save the ultrasound pictures for last so we can end on a cute and happy note!

Here is baby A for this ultrasound:

And, baby B:

Their cute litle heads:

And, a pretty decent one of their tummies:

Getting still shots of them was next to impossible.

They never stopped moving!

Just like their brother...


Kathryn said...

Identical? THAT does NOT run in the family! I think you are a first!

Laura Howe said...

uh-oh! You might have a bunch of crazy little boys!:) That'll be fun. I hope you are feeling ok, and getting lots of rest. I'm glad you are so good at keeping your blog updated, I always wonder how you are doing. Good work!! I should be more like you. :)

The Browning Family said...

WOW!! I need to check blogs more often!! Such exciting news! Congratulations!! You can do it! (My sister has 2 sets of twins!)

Jamie & Ryan said...

Oh, wow!! Thanks for sharing! This is all beyond exciting!! Can't wait to hear more as you get further along in your pregnancy. I know this must all be crazy stressful and overwhelming for you... and fun too, of course. I'll be keeping you in my prayers, lady!! :)

Jill and Travis said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting, but yeah, I bet it was quite the shock! And identical--how fun!