Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

I gotta say, Christmas is so much more fun with a 2 year old.

He is starting to understand the concept of the whole thing, and he gets so excited about what he gets!

His favorites?

(Ezra will be happy about this one too)

His motorcycles from Grumpa...

...and his Lightning McQueen scooter from Mom & Dad...

Grumpa's Favorite:

My gift to Gammie:

Vanna's favorite:

And, Mikki's:

My gift to Seth...(that he actually bought heehee)

And, my favorites!

Hunchback from Seth and Penguin pajamas from Santa.

The pajamas came in an adorable bag!

Had to take a picture ;)

The kid's gift for the Padres...

A blu-ray to go with their new HD TV!

And, because I couldn't get this any higher than the bottom, enjoy Porter's motorcycle noices!

We hope you had a merry Christmas!!

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