Thursday, March 4, 2010


Finally had some extra time to update the blog, so be sure to check down the page...about 8 new posts, I think.

I'm too lazy to count them before posting this, apparently.

Trust me, I have very good reasons for leaving this last on the to-do list for the past few weeks.

For example:

First: I've been sick for four weeks.

Yes, I'm still sick.

I'm on antibiotics that seem to be working, but we'll find out if they actually do when I'm done taking them in a day.

Doc said it could be sinusitis.

Was definitely laryngitis.

I actually think it might be a cold that turned into something seasonal allergy-related, but I've never thought I had that until I moved to the great state of Oregon.

But, maybe there's some sinusitis in there, too, because I'm not as stuffy as I was before.

We'll find out.

Second: There was a holiday and two birthdays in a week.

I mean, cummon.

Valentines day was great, but celebrated on the Friday before.

Yay for Cheesecake Factory and a cute new yellow coat!

Seth's wasn't celebrated that much, sorry.

We went out to Buffalo Wild Wings...and didn't take the camera.

And then I threw a party for the little guy.

...which is about 3 posts down.

Third: I felt like I still had a lot of catching up to do after Christmas, and something had to wait.

My to-do list was just too long.

It's still long, actually.

In fact, just this month, I'll be starting to teach possibly two new music students, I'll be involved in a stake choir for the Women's Conference coming up, a sextet related to the stake choir as well, a trio for something else church-related, I'll be starting the teaching of the ballroom dance classes, I have three choir concerts this coming week, Jo is coming to visit for her Spring break, we'll be heading to Idaho to register the car and drop her off for Seth's Spring break, we might be coming back with Vanna for her Spring break (both sisters of mine), and I want to take more family pictures since it'll be a year since the last ones.

That doesn't even count the stuff I do every day already...

which is a lot, if you were wondering.

Better to be busy than bored, I say.

So, please forgive me, my faithful blog readers, if I leave you, yet again, without an update for another month.

I promise I will get around to it.

In the meantime, please enjoy the treats below.


Allison said...

Great new posts and pictures! I can't belive that Porter is already 2.
I love your hair, it looks great!
You sound really busy, I hope everything goes well for you!

Art Mama said...

I love the look of your blog, the background papers are gorgeous. xx