Sunday, June 23, 2013

Redwood Drive In

On Friday, we went to the largest drive in I have ever seen.
This was the entrance...
8 lanes...
Five different shows playing on different screens...
Best Drive In, ever!
We braved the crowd, avoided a 42 point parking job from a man in a minivan to enjoy spending time with these cuties... watch Monsters University!
Cute show, and way fun!!
Thanks Penroses!

Number Twenty-Seven!

My birthday this year was a great success!
First, I was gifted with three of my favorite cartoon movies:
Movie fan...pun intended.
That Porter made sure I was willing to share with him.
Then we went out to dinner with Savanna, Rob, and Wendy!
We went to a local Italian place, Fratelli Ristorante, and it was absolutely delish!
The company made it even better.
I got surprised with Rob paying for dinner, jewelry from Savanna (including my first real pearls!!), and a home d├ęcor piece I was eyeing from Wendy!
I feel very loved.
To top it off, we finished the day with a Coldstone ice cream cake.
27 isn't going to be bad.

Growing Baby Girl!

Here's the latest from our Lilia!
She loves to give us open-mouthed kisses...
She has a little white in her mouth...

And, she's starting to stand!!

We've got some trouble on the way!
She is also waving, clapping, and she will sing and dance along to any music.
So we sing and dance a lot!!
Growing so quick!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

I made this shirt for Seth last year for Father's Day...
...but, apparently, it is the gift that keeps on giving!
Even if the kids don't necessarily drive the cars on the back the whole time...
Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful fathers in my life!

Fitting It All In

We are trying to fit in a bunch of stuff before we head out really soon.
Lilia had croup this week, so has been clingy and grumpy, so I didn't take many pictures of her... poor girl.
I have to admit, though, her raspy voice and almost silent cries and squeals are a little funny, even though it's sad.
We met up with Savanna and went to This is the Place on Friday morning, spur of the moment.
We had a blast!
Porter even got to ride a pony!
I got burned pretty bad because I didn't think we would be outside as much as we were.
Savanna got a bit burned as well, but we had fun!
Later, we met up with the Farrs downtown at City Creek to hang out.
We let the kids get soaked at the fountains after dinner.
It was very entertaining.
Although, for whatever reason, I didn't take any pictures.
After the fountains, we asked our sopping wet son if he would like to go walk Temple Square.
He said he would!
So we did...

...with him shivering the whole time. 
The next day, we decided to take a break from packing and go hike Ensign Peak!

Lilia wasn't a fan of the wind.
Or her hat.
Or her baby carrier.
On our drive back into heart of the city, I snapped a picture of the Capitol Building.

I realized we have now lived in three different capitol cities.
Kinda fun to think about.
Once back downtown, we parked under the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Before touring the Beehive House...

And then eating at the Lion House...

It was a good break from the packing and wonderful weekend!

En Garde!!

PS: She got a tooth that day!!

Interested in Bags...

Monday, June 10, 2013

Almost Crawling!!

Baby girl is about to go crazy crawling!
She's already mastered pushing herself up to a seated position!
Happy to see me in the morning!
Sure growing up quickly...

Quick Visit

We got a quick visit from Gammie and Grumpa!

My sister moved down to Utah from Boise, and they got to help her bring stuff down and join with a bunch of other family members in a get together to welcome her and say goodbye to us.
It was so good to see them for the weekend!

More Independent

I can't tell you how happy I am about her holding her own bottle.
Now, I can actually get things done while she is eating!
Well, that is if she isn't feeling clingy, anyway.
But, no more mastitis!
*Happy dance*

Tiny Dancers

This is an almost daily occurance...
...Porter turns on the "demo" on our keyboard, and we have a dance party!
Lilia will dance to my singing, and even start singing along!
It's absolutely adorable.
Hopefully I can get a video...
Until then, here is one of her dancing along to Porter singing!

8 Months

It is getting much harder to get a nice "month" shot of Lilia.
She ran out of clothes due to our short house-hunting vacation, so we kept it "real".
She prefers running around in her diaper, anyway.
She was not very cooperative during our photo shoot.
She would try to grab the camera strap...

...have her hand in her mouth...

...Porter would photo-bomb the picture...

...or she is in the middle of moving somewhere else...

After this last picture, I gave up and tried to take some of Porter, who gave me this:

And I put the camera away.

You Know What They Say...

The apple doesn't fall far from...
...the tree...

And, while we are getting a blast from the past...
Who does she look more like?

Memorial Day Week

While Seth was at work, I packed up all our decorations in preparation for our first haul toward the big move back to Wyoming.
Lots of bundling...
After moving thirteen times, I've learned it is better that I do the "nice stuff".
Even if it gives me bruises as if I'm beaten because I have no upper body strength and the moment.
We took this first haul over the day before Memorial Day.
On Memorial Day, we visited the girls, and got to put flowers by their grave for the first time.

We were so out of it almost two years ago, that we completely spaced bringing their flowers.
Thank you to all who remembered my sweet girls on Memorial Day.
I hope your Memorial Day was a good one.

All my kids.
 The next day, after house-hunting from dawn until dusk, we went to a circus!!

First time for all of our immediate family except Seth.
 We picked a great spot as far as the performance went!

Check out how close those elephants are!

Porter especially enjoyed it.
Porter spent the majority of the rest of the week, while we continued our housing stuff, playing in the back yard, going to parks, and swimming in the small pool with his cousins. 
He was so happy playing so hard that he didn't want to come back home!

Lilia was adorable and happy as long as she was getting what she wanted (like usual).
Mama got to hang out with her quite a bit, and I think they both enjoyed that.
The trip was way fun and completely successful!
I think we may have set a record in home-buying history.
We found a house in two days!

As of right now, we have no neighbors on our side of the street, but we are just fine with that after sharing walls, floors, and ceilings for the past seven and a half years.
So excited!!
To end the week, we had Stake Conference with Elder Bednar presiding.
I love listening to him speak.
He has a gift, and I always learn something.
I was lucky to have him as president at BYU-I when I was a freshman.
Wonderful ending to a great week!
Wish I had taken more pictures, but we weren't "resting" much...

Sniffy Face

I really have no way to describe this, except this is what she does a lot!

And it's the cutest thing ever.