Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pure Entertainment

...most of the time.
This is normal for Porter...
Trying new things...
Living on the edge...

Getting into things he's not supposed to, but so cute we can't take it away...

...then we do...

Making sure we pay attention to every word of gibberish he says...

Playing "Hop on Pop"

...or "hahpop"
Dancing with Mama...
...or going through her legs...
...and trying to do what we do...

We don't know what we would do without you!

Summer is for Slurpees!

Who doesn't love a slurpee every once in a while to quench your thirst...

...and turn your tongue blue?!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sand in the City


...went to...

I believe it was hosted by...

Didn't know who they were till we got there...found out they were puppets...
Here are some of our favorites!

Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Sidewalk Ends

And UP!

Porter loved it!

After braving the 96-ish degree weather heat to go to this, the Pitts joined us as we went to the Lloyd Center for some good central air conditioning...since we don't have any in our apartments.
Tons of fun!

The Half-Blood Prince

Brianne and I saw this last Friday.
I cried...
and I'm not ashamed.
Best HP movie yet!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Really Really Ridiculously Good-Looking

Porter is not camera shy.

Wonder who gave him that trait?

Anything we ask him to do, on camera or off, he'll do it...well, when he wants to do it. I mostly just keep the camera ready.

Here he is squeezing...

...or crushing microscopic bugs...

...whatever he's doing, it's funny to see him ball up his fists really tight.

Heard of "bones"? I'm sure it's called other things, but thanks to my cousin, Audrey, my family calls it bones when you hit knuckles...

We've taught Porter!

And he's a pro!

It took him a while...especially since we taught him fives first.

(Oh, I need to record that, too)

After playing a bit, we're back to posing.

What a stud!

Like I said...a stud.

Seth...being the tease he is...will put Porter's shirt over his head, and this is the result...


And the other direction...

"I'm not done yet!!"

...And we're back to posing...

But, not with Dad.

Porter goes around the house speaking jibberish like we understand what he's saying. He will even place our face in his hands and make sure we hear what he has to say. I don't have a picture of that yet, but most likely will later.

Seth went for a bike ride this last week with a bunch of guys. Before he left, he had to replace his tire tubes.

Porter wanted to help.

But ended up being very interested in the bike instead.

And then the pump...


New words...and found body parts.

Porter crashes when he naps...most of the time...and this is how we found him one day...

Silly, adorable little boy.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Can't Always Trust the Scale

Monday mornings, I usually step on our scale in the bathroom...we all know why...but this morning I had a little scare.

I looked down on the scale after stepping on it, and it read 170 pounds.



Stupid cold, I thought, made me not work out as much this week!


I didn't eat much, either, because of it...

So, how did I gain so much weight in one week...

I looked down at the scale again, this time off of it...

The dial wasn't even CLOSE to zero.

Porter must have found the black knob underneath and played with it.


*slight chuckle*

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Knight

This week, like most of my weeks lately, was...emotionally tough. I'm pretty sure it's because I have had enough of the boredom that is this sleepy, old, little college town...
I have birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, so I invited about five girls to go to the Washington Square Mall with me. It was a sort of "weekend before" plan to do it the following Tuesday. Being that I hardly ever see anyone here, including Seth, I didn't get a chance to even really make an actual plan of it until the weekend before...anyway, so I tried to spread the word, and women like to shop right?
The time comes around to go, and I still haven't heard back from some, and others have given me viable excuses not to I wait for those who didn't reply, I figured no one was coming...which became very apparently correct an hour after the meeting time.
I was, to say the least, disappointed. It seems like every time I try to plan a get together with the girls here, things like this happen.
...I don't understand it...
Anyway, Seth came home that day, saw how distraught I was, and told me we should go out to dinner and that he'd go shopping with me. (!!)
Now, Seth hates shopping...especially at clothing stores...with me (I'm sorta indecisive)...but he was willing to go, and didn't even complain when we were there! He took Porter and walked around the mall while I went and did my thing. It may seem like a small thing, but to me, that day, it was huge and Seth was my knight in shining armor...
I love my husband!! ...I definitely married my best friend...
Truly, I'm not a huge fan of shopping, which some may find surprising. It's mostly because I don't usually have any money to spend (and since my sizes have become larger). But, after two times of the year--birthday and Christmas--I like to go...not usually alone.
Here's what I got at Forever 21...

...All under $50...
(Thanks LaRene! Loves!)
...and I still have more birthday money to spend!
...Now I just need to find someone to shop with who doesn't mind going in the "girly" store with me... ;)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Poo on Pooh

Being a Mom is gross...

...because kids are gross.

Read at your own risk

Porter took a nap in only his diaper yesterday, and I didn't think anything of it. After blogging and doing what I usually do on Mondays...clean, email, wait for Seth to come home from work so I can run errands (aka waste time)...I went to get him because I heard him do his usual complaining after he wakes up.

But, then I noticed this cry was a bit more than just complaining...

I walk in his room, and he is litterally covered head to toe in his own poop.

I swear he ate it, too, because I found some in his mouth.

I wanted to hurl, but instead I picked him up and practically threw him in the tub. Barely touching him with my fingertips the whole time until I could wash him.

Meanwhile, he wanted to be cuddled because he had just tasted probably the most horrible thing in the world.

I cuddled when he was clean.

After the bath, I noticed other things had poop on them. Sheets...okay that's pretty normal since he had it all over, but I also saw a book had some on it. So, obviously he had been awake for a while before he started complaining.

But this book wasn't just any book... was his Pooh book!

Then I just laughed

...and sanitized it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My Country Tis of Thee

This Fourth was our first one spent together as a family! Seth and I had our first fourth in El Paso, but last summer, we were all sick! So, no fireworks!
This summer, we got together with a bunch of friends at the Parkview Apartments on the grass and had a barbeque! It was a ton of fun!
Brianne and me :)
The big boys started playing a game of catch...which Porter wanted to be a part of...

But then the innocent game of catch turned into full-contact football, and Porter wasn't interested anymore...thank goodness.
This is Brianne's cutie-pie, Ezra, who is about 6 months younger than Porter and is my "boyfriend". He looks like he wanted to get get in on the action!

Little boys are so cute.

I guess they're cute when they're big kids too.
This is, no joke, a competitive four-square game.
There was tape.

Porter enjoyed watching...

...and apparently riding a cement block.
We were definitley entertained at the barbeque. Especially when we had a little whizzer on the parking lot...and the kids started playing in the pee.
No picture of that one. Too busy making sure Porter didn't jump in it again...
After all the food and games ended, we opened up a very large Costco box of fireworks!
Here's what Porter thought at first...

Daddy handed him off to me and then he became like this:

But, I had to sit perfectly still, cover his ears when it was loud, and make sure I said "ooh pretty" after every firework.

I wish I had more pictures of the group! I think I'll steal some from friends later...

*evil laugh*